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Opening a business in a new location or attracting new clients? We often encounter a problem that businesses can’t be found. Although flyers have map pictures, addresses, people still experience a problem trying to find you. People keep ringing and asking where you are located. They are struggling to find you, especially if they are not familiar with the place, as in the case of tourists. This all happens because we think if we know a place ourselves and it will be clear for others to find us. In reality, it is hard to find anything using a map in a non -familiar place without extra help.
We found a real killer solution – INFOMAP service.
At no cost, it will rapidly show your location and will guide your client without any questions.

Where to start from?

  • 1. Create a location

    Register on the Infomap service, create a point on the map, add pictures related to your business, select business category, and save. You obtain a personal page with your business location a few minutes later.

  • 2.Add to your all graphic design

    Insert the link you received in your old flyers or visit cards design or you can make a new one with us adding QR code, and preparing for print.

  • 3. Create advertising

    We print A6 size, 5000 flyers for 100 EUR. Full color. DL format- 5000 flyers – 130 EUR within 1-3 days.

  • 4. Get results.

    A client sees where your business is located with the navigation function obtained from your flyer and our service. It finds you easily and rapidly.

More services available

Connect your business to online sales with the service reserva.ws

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Advantages of being registered with INFOMAP

1. Registering in a catalogue of companies according to categories with search option in 6 languages.
2. Personal webpage with your location, phone number, pictures, and navigation facility.
3. You do not need to explain where your business is located, just send a link with your location.
4. It is all for free!

INFOMAP for all businesses.

Different categories of businesses use our service right now. Some of them use it together with online orders service reserva.ws

Hairdressing saloons

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Don’t put it off until tomorrow, add our web services to your business right now and help your potential clients find you.

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